Montezuma Valley Irrigation Company

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What are shares of water worth?
            This is a willing buyer, willing seller issue.  

2.  What happens if I lose my stock certificate?
Call our office at 565-3332 for certificate replacement options.

3.  What happens if I don't have enough water?
First make sure your headgate is clear of debris, clear debris if needed.  If your headgate
            is clear, then please call our office at 565-3332 for further assistance.

4.  What happens if my neighbor is flooding me out?
This is an issue between you and your neighbor.  MVIC is responsible for water delivery
            to the headgate only.  Beyond the headgate, responsibility is to property owners.

5.  When are the board meetings?
The 2nd Tuesday of each month at the MVIC office.

6.  Do I have to call in to get my water turned on?
 Yes.  Water orders must be called in to the office at 565-3332 every water season.

7.  Can someone else call in and find out about my water?
No, not without written permission filed in our office.

8.  How do I transfer my shares to someone else?
Contact our office at 565-3332 for further assistance.

9.  What size water meter do I need?
Depends on your total inflow.

10.  What do I do if I have a complaint about my Ditch Rider?
Call our General Manager at 565-3332.

11.  How do I get in touch with my Ditch Rider?
            Call our office at 565-3332 for the Ditch Rider's phone number.  Please have your headgate
            number available.

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