Montezuma Valley Irrigation Company

2018 Announcements


Lone Pine Canal, Lone Pine Pipeline and Garrett Ridge

stock run has been postponed

due to delays with repairs.

Shareholders who have called in will be contacted

when it is rescheduled.


Lower Arickaree, Upper Arickaree, Big Corkscrew, Little Corkscrew, Goodland, U Lateral, Moonlight, May, East Lateral, West Lateral and Hermana 

from October 29 - November 2

Towaoc Highline, Rocky Ford, Ute Pipeline, Simon Suckla, Duncan and Cortez

was from September 10 -14

You must call the office to order stock water, even if you have called in the past. 


Water was turned off August 29.

Due to water shortage we are running 3/4’s of a head. 

The flow rate will be cut on each headgate to no more than 75% of the total shares allocated to the gate.

(Number of shares x .75)  

The allocation is still set at 36 inches or 3 acre feet per share.  Gates will be turned off when the allocation is met.

 Notice of changes will be made by the website.

Shareholders will be shut off 

when their allocation has been used.



No water, which includes stock water, leases, and regular irrigation water, will be delivered until the shareholder account is paid in full.

Assessments are due March 31st. Interest will be assessed starting April 1st for all unpaid accounts as indicated on assessment bills.

All orders require a minimum of 24 hours notice.  Orders must be placed before 4pm Monday thru Thursday for next day delivery.  Orders placed by 4pm Friday will be delivered the following Monday.  No orders will be filled on weekends.



For Aquatic Nuisance Species/Mussels and lake closure information, please see our Aquatic Nuisance Restrictions page.



MVIC will not be spraying weeds on right-of-ways.  It is the responsibility of landowners to control weeds on their property.


Office Hours:

Monday - Friday

8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Mailing Address:    PO Box 1056

Physical Address:  24055 Road L.4

Cortez, CO  81321

Phone:  (970) 565-3332

Fax:      (970) 565-8505

EMERGENCY Phone: (970) 570-5823